International Women’s Day

Today's Google logo : succesful female role models.

Today’s Google logo : succesful female role models.

Today is International Women’s Day. I’m a woman, YAY !
That means today people must show me respect and be kind to me and help me with things.

Wait – What ? Today. TODAY !?

So, women only get those things one day a year, is that it ? Shouldn’t everyday be International Women’s day ? Hold on – should we even need an international women’s day in the first place ?

I’m a woman, and here is my question : why do we need a yearly reminder that women are just as respectable and special human beings as men ? It seems logical in the sense that women and men still don’t have equal rights, so having a special day for women is important, but the problem is we have to start again every year, and we’ll keep on doing it over and over again until those equal rights are granted, unconditionally (Oh, I love that word !), everywhere on Earth. Yep, that’s it : today, March 8th, the phrase “International Women’s Day” makes sense, but tomorrow, it won’t mean a thing.

It’s the ultimatum the world is giving us : either we make today matter enough for things to change tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and every day after that, or we just sit here, celebrate “our special day”, and just wait, in vain, for things to change.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing in the name of women alone : it is of utmost importance that men should speak up for equal rights and show that, they too, want a better life for ALL humankind. In fact, I suggest you have a look at Emma Watson’s United Nations project, #HeForShe : . I have to say that Emma Watson “has sure got her head screwed on”, as my dad said the other day, and this girl has got her priorities right and straight (sorry Ron !), go Emma !

It seems to me the best thing we can do – the only thing we can do – is work TOGETHER, everyday, for gender equality and against all forms of sexism, so we can have something real to look forward to, to be proud of, and to celebrate, whether that be every single day or on an International day like today.

PS : I know some of you will be complaining about the fact women have their international day and men don’t… It’s on November 19th, guys !



2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. Hello,
    I took my time to read your post and comment it, because my english level is very low. But I’m happy to do it because and want to progress.
    I agree with your words, the subject of international woman’s day was discuss on my favorite news channel “Arte : 28 minutes” ; and they mentionned the sames arguments of you, but a little radical “Why not delete the Women’s Day? It should be every day!”. I recommend you this show, it also includes three or four Coco’s drawings, a caricaturist who work for the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo Voilà ! That’s it for me!

    PS : Can you correcting my errors inthis reply? Because I took a lot of time to write and I would to understand my errors. You can contact me on Facebook 😉


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