Sex+ : Back to Basics

Hey, what did you expect ?

Hey, what did you expect ?

Two questions :

1) Is it our first year at Hogwarts ?

2) Is sexuality the third floor ?

One unfortunate answer : YES.

That is why sex+, also known as sex positivity, exists. Yay !

Sex positivity consists in creating an open and ongoing conversation about sexuality and everything to do with it in a non-taboo and non-judgemental way, so we can make the world better by changing and refreshing people’s thoughts on topics as varied as gender identity, relationships, sexism, rape culture, and so on and so forth.

Sex positivity aims to renew sex education in order to make it more efficient and more comfy, less awkward for everyone. Hopefully, if sex+ spreads and people bring their children up in a sex positive environment, we will be faced with less cases of unwanted teenage pregnancies, slut shaming, relationship abuse, and better overall prevention and protection against STDs, for instance. Sex positivity is a new and different form of education and culture and should result in what is called sex positive thinking.

Right, so now you’ve got your head wrapped around the concept of sex positivity, you might be wondering the following :

Daffy, does that mean sex+ fights against “sex minus” ?

Yep, it does. I’m getting there, mates ! Lots of people were brought up in a sex negative environment, but that CAN change. Sexuality may well be lost in the Forbidden Forest for sex negative thinkers, but guys, it’s time for all that to change : it’s time for us all to grab a cuppa and to get comfy with sexuality, it’s time for us to speak out and talk freely about all of those topics, ’cause after all, free conversation should be natural, shouldn’t it ?

Come on, guys, we’re going on a sex positive adventure !

PS : Feel free to visit, and, three ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC sex positive websites, created by Laci Green and Hannah Witton, two youtubers who have inspired me to create this blog and to share my thoughts on sex positivity with you.



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