I’ll be back !

Ahoy there everyone !

Daffy speaking. I’m sat in front of my computer with a lovely cuppa right next to me, ready to be drunk away… Oh how I love tea !

But that is not the point of this post… I’m taking a moment to fill you in on what I’ve been doing these last few weeks and what I’m planning on doing in the future.

Though most of my current readers know me, I realise some of you might not, and maybe I should tell you a bit more about me : I like to call myself a “third year art history student”, but it is slightly more complex than that. I do, indeed, study art history, but I follow a special five subject course called “prépa”.

Oooookay, so that probably doesn’t help much without me telling you I am based in the south of France, I have been in the French education system for 12 years, and “prépas” are typical of the French higher education system. These special courses can last one to three years and they are meant to prepare (“prépa”) students for a set of selective exams (“concours”), Those who get the highest marks gain access to the “Grandes Ecoles” – you may have heard of some of them, Polytechnique or Science Po for instance -, which are supposed to be France’s best higher education structures.

So, for the last three years I have been preparing for the concours to get into the Ecole Nationale des Chartes, a Grande Ecole via which I should ultimately fulfill my dream to become a museum curator – and a good one, too. The trouble is there are only 7 spaces available each year and last year I came 29th, which wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good enough, which is why I chose to do a third year of “prépa Chartes”, in order to retake the exams this year. I need to take 6 written tests (Art history, French, Modern history, Contemporary history, and Spanish), and if I am one of the 23 best students, I get to take 5 oral exams (Art history, English, Medieval history, Modern history and Contemporary history) in order to compete for one of the top 7 places. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of effort, and these last three years, especially this year, have been VERY stressful for me.

The good news is I am nearly through with the written exams – I only have two more to go ! YAAAAY !

And THAT is why I’ll be back : because I am finally going to be able to sit back and relax a bit. Oh the joy of not having to think of an upcoming exam or homework to hand in, oh the joy of having enough spare time to do things which make you feel happy and more active than being sat there all day eating pasta, drinking tea, and revising tons of history.

I have quite a few post ideas and a couple of posts in my draft section, which I’ve been unable to publish due to revision and work and stress, so I really am looking forward to completing them and sharing them with you. I would also like to get back to my online Dutch courses which I have barely looked at since January, and maybe start learning a new language – Italian, perhaps.

I also need to make plans for what I’ll be doing next year if I fail to catch my Grande Ecole Golden Snitch…

New perpectives ! This feels ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC ! And it’s crazy, but for the last few weeks – which were probably, including tomorrow and Wednesday, some of the most important weeks in my life so far – I have been SO HAPPY, and so excited about the weeks to come.

So let’s raise a cuppa to the future !





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