Consent is all


Ahoy there !

If you’ve been on the internet lately – and if you haven’t been lately, you’re on it right now, so no excuses ! -, you might’ve noticed a lot of hype around the topic of consent, and around videos such as Tea consentLaci Green’s Consent 101, or The One way you should be having sex.

Well, I sure noticed it. My initial reaction was the following : “YAY ! Finally people talking about consent and making it super simple !” I really love the Tea Consent video because it is probably the most nice and easy thing I’ve ever seen, heard or read about consent, and also because it is all-audience appropriate, and I really wanna high-five the people who made it, thanks guys !

But here’s my second response : how come, in 2015, we still have to raise awareness about consent and about the boundaries between consensual sex and rape ?

What I mean is the reason people are talking about this proves there still is an issue around the topic of consent, and though these videos and posts to exist, the issue is likely to linger for years to come.

Why is consent still an issue in 2015 ? Why don’t some people seem to grasp how necessary – and also how simple – consent is ? These questions show how important education and communication is. So many people watch films like 50 shades or, I dunno, basically any film, Skyfall (“I like you better without your Beretta”), for instance, and they see people doing the thing without really asking, just taking mutual consent for granted, and they then go on to imitate those scenes in real life, barely realising a film is just that – a film -, not real life. And IRL (“in real life”), consent is all.

Consent is all. That’s it. Easy peasy.

Thanks for reading lads and lasses, and sorry for taking so long to post – I’m having trouble with my internet connection and the landlord’s away.

See ya soon



One thought on “Consent is all

  1. Hello Daphne,

    I agree with you when you say that “the reason people are talking about this proves there still is an issue around the topic of consent”. And it’s a sad finding, but I think we have to first accept the fact that some people (maybe a lot, unfortunately), still have issues with consent. I mean, instead of being chocked (or after it, because I don’t think we can control that), maybe we should say : “Oh, okay so here in 2015, people still have issue with consent”. And really notice it, accept the idea, so we can find the reasons, and make a change by acting.

    I read a lot about sexism and feminism lately, and I realized that a lot of our behavior, reactions or words are conditioned because we live in a patriarchy. And sometimes without anyone noticing. We act a certain way “as a boy should do” or “as a girl should do” because it is implanted in our heads by movies, TV shows, social medias… (not all of them fortunately!). But I know that it is possible to act differently, being aware of what we are doing, and not automatically!

    PS : Sorry for the mistakes and if I am not , I’m french and I’m not really comfortable with english.



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