Looking up !

Ahoy there !

If you ever read this article or if you have ever spent a substantial amount of time talking – or rather listening – to me, you probably know by now that I have a huge problem with feeling down, with blues and nostalgia, especially in the evening. However, ever since writing said article, I am better. Why ? I’m not 100% sure, but what I do know is I’ve bee fighting against nostalgia, not allowing myself to go there whenever I sense it creeping up inside me.

I used to indulge in that sad, sad feeling. I used to dive right into it, sometimes for hours. Now, as soon as I feel it coming, I block it out. I think to myself “This is ridicuous Daffy ! Your life is great, you can’t get all sad about it, and you can’t keep dwelling on the past !”. So I fight against nostalgia. And though it is sometimes hard not to give in to the sadness that appears when you find a random souvenir, or when you listen to this old Damien Rice song, I am getting good at it.

I am getting good at being happier than I was before, and, I believe, at worrying a lot less, too. This is also helped by the fact the school year is over, and my stress and anxiety have gone down dramatically.

I am starting to win my uphill battle. This. Is. Amazing.

I’ve been worrying, scratching my excema and crying a lot less than before, which means I have also had more time to reflect – healthily – on my life, to read (and oh how I love to read !) and to educate myself on important issues for me, such as gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights. I am in fact working towards becoming a proper activist ; I’m trying to work out how I can introduce people to the causes I’m fighting for and how I can defend them – I believe this could be a great platform ! We’re going to be drinking some sexy but serious cups of tea together, get ready !!

As I now have quite a bit of free time on my hands, I hope to post a bit more frequently, so I’ll be putting my take on various topics over the next few weeks. I hope you’ll like it and I hope you’ll enjoy being part of the conversation !

Get cosy and boil the kettle !




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